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Student Reviews and Comments

Mind Sight Firearms Training is known for its comprehensive yet personalized instruction. Read what our students liked best about their class.


“This class is so much more than a PTC course. It helped me realize I need to be more aware of my surroundings at home and in public. Great instructors.”​
-Lenore L. 


"I like that Pete and Libby had different perspectives. They were both friendly and professional."

-Mary R. 


"I'm a first time shooter and liked that the class didn't assume I knew much about guns before coming today."

-Jack B. 


Situational awareness was my biggest takeaway.  Safety was highlighted multiple times; the most important part of being a gun owner.”​
-Carrie K. 


"Relaxed atmosphere with questioning and answering throughout."

-Bradley R. 


"..the importance of not using deadly force unless necessary.”​
-Don D. 


"Very well put together... very informative. I liked the focus on making a firearms lifestyle." 

-Sam C.


"The reality check of the magnitude of the decision to carry- there are a lot of factors to consider."

-Tami J. 


"Great informative session. Especially like Libby's "mom" perspective."

-Bill B. 


“Loved Pete and Libby! Very open and honest and cared about safety and not just teaching how to use a weapon to defend myself.”​
-James D. 


"Pete and Libby are very personable! A+"

-Mike P. 


“I liked the expertise and personality of the presenter. I feel participants were kept as comfortable as possible with the subject matter while realizing its importance.”​
-Jay M.

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