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Our Mission

The mission of Mind Sight Firearms Training, LLC is to provide all students, whether you are new to firearms or a seasoned responsibly armed citizen, the highest quality firearms instruction available, in a safe and positive learning environment. We promote your personal growth and education by providing expert instruction in firearm use, accuracy and carry as well as personal self-defense training. We encourage on-going training to ensure you maintain the skills of a responsible firearms owner and to increase your self-confidence in your self-defense skills.

Training Tips
Practical Self-Defense
About Us

Mind Sight Firearms Training was developed in 2009 for the primary purpose of teaching  MN Permit to Carry.  The instructors understand people come to training classes with different levels of training, experience, knowledge, background and professional development.  We can help you become a better shooter by helping you understand the "Why" of each element of training.  Join us for training, you'll be glad you did! 

Contact Us

Mind Sight Firearms Training, LLC

Greater Twin Cities Area, Minnesota

763-308-GUNS (4867)

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