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Our Training Philosophy

Mind Sight Firearms Training believes in preparing students for real life possibilities. 

We know that the knowledge and skills learned in training may one day save the life of a loved one.

This is why we take our training so seriously.


 - Minnesota Permit to Carry  -  MN PTC Renewal Plus Skills  -

- Custom 1-on-1 Training  - Home Protection Plan consultations -

- Women Only classes  -  Handgun Fundamentals -  

MINNESOTA PERMIT TO CARRY (Multi-State Reciprocity)


Do you want to apply for your Minnesota Permit to Carry?  This class is for YOU! 


This class is designed for students acquiring their initial MN Permit to Carry and will cover all the necessary curriculum required by the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) to apply for your MN Permit to Carry (CCW).

You will learn Use of Force, Situational Awareness, discuss legal vs. moral issues surrounding use of handgun for personal protection. You will receive a Certificate of Completion which is needed to apply for your Permit to Carry at your local Sheriff Department office.

Our ONLINE class allows you attend the classroom instruction portion of the class in the comfort of your own home. The live shooting portion will occur the following day at The Modern Sportsman, located in Burnsville, MN.

You are encouraged to bring your own personal firearm (if you currently own and train with one) although the price of the class INCLUDES the cost of handgun rental and ammunition. 

FIRST TIME shooters are welcome!

Renewal - MN PTC RENEWAL PLUS SKILLS  (Multi-State Reciprocity)

Do you need to RENEW your MN PTC?  REGISTER NOW to avoid having an expired permit!


If your current Permit to Carry is soon to expire, then you need this class! The MN Permit to Carry RENEWAL PLUS SKILLS class is an accelerated version of the initial MN Permit to Carry class.  You will review the essential information of carrying a firearm in public including topics such as: Use of Force vs. Justifiable use of Deadly Force, ethical, moral, and legal choices of using a pistol in self-defense.  


In ADDITION  to classroom instruction, you will spend 2 hours on the range practicing real-life skills based on the balance of speed and accuracy under reasonable stress, drawing from concealment from your preferred method of carry - holster, purse, bag etc.

You are encouraged to bring your own pistol and 200 rounds of ammunition (no steel ammunition, please.)



Sorry gentlemen, this class is for Women Only!  This class is designed for women wishing to hone their shooting skills with direct instruction on the shooting range.  Beyond your practical instruction and learning the 8 essentials needed for accurate shooting, you will learn about firearms selection, and proper maintenance of your pistol.  


If you have a group of friends, co-workers, etc. who would like train as a group, we will customize your training and schedule a private group just for you! Please contact Mind Sight for schedule today!



This "Range Only" course is designed for the person who has never held or shot a handgun or who has had limited exposure to handguns. This course  covers the anatomy of a handgun, choosing the correct handgun for the person using it, discussing the 8 Fundamentals of shooting, and taking your first shots.

CUSTOMIZED 1-ON-1 TRAINING (Contact us to schedule)


Whether you are brand new to shooting or a seasoned shooter wanting to hone your skills,  a private 1-on-1 training session is just the training you are looking for! 

We offer both private sessions and private group lessons with a variety of training options:

firearms skills training (balance of speed & accuracy)

drawing from a holster/purse/bag 

shooting from cover 

firearms selection and maintenance 

a combination of skills

We will work with you to individualize your training sessions to meet your personal goals and training needs.  We train on a private semi-enclosed outdoor range which provides a quiet learning environment.   



CALL  -  763-308-GUNS (4867)  or  EMAIL -

 Mind Sight Firearms Training... because  PREPARATION = CONFIDENCE

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