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Do you go to the gym 1 time a year, complete 1 pushup or situp and admit you are "fit" for the year? No, probably not. Ongoing training is extrememly important.  Our private Training Sessions are customized for you to train practically any area of your training you want to improve. From the Basic "101" of shooting to working on your marksmanship through drills that focus on the Balance of Speed and Accuracy, holster or purse draws, and more.

The training facility accomodates practicing drills you may need in a "real world" self-defense situaton.

Customized Training (by the hour)

  • A positive mindset geared for learning

    A handgun, if you own one, and corresponding ammunition

    Eye and Ear protection (if you own it), or we can provide it

    (We rent firearms for a small fee)

  • Once your training has been purchased for a specific date and you are unable to attend your session, we do not refund your purchase, but we will allow you to reschedule up to 1 year.

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